Four hours of studio time for $250+GST!

This is a special one-time deal for new clients only. Valid Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 am to 5 pm.

“What can I do in four hours?” you ask?

It all depends on how perfect or polished you want the product to be and how quickly the takes can be done.

Some rough examples:

– A solo singer/guitar or pianist: three to five songs with basic mixes

– A four-piece band can do a two-song demo if the band is tight and all parts are played live off the floor. That with rough mixes that will get the point across for some purposes. This is all quick and dirty, but can work. Be prepared to cover an extra hour or two if things don’t go like silk.

– You can get a start on any project and continue it at regular hourly or daily rates at a later time.

– Edit, mix, overdub, colour tracks using outboard gear (tape, compressors, etc.) of an existing project you have underway.

– Convert some of your record collection to digital.

– Record that drum circle that everyone loves so much.

$250 Special